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Super Cute’s Wonder Pullups Diaper Pants (XL) – Pack of 26 (Combo of 2) – 52 Diapers



Super Cute?s Diaper Pants are the secret behind every kid?s superpowers. These lightweight diapers keep babies comfortable and dry while providing rash-free leakage protection with their Super Absorbent gel lock technology. Super Soft Feel top sheet and Super Bubble Technology. Super Soft Feel top sheet to prevent rashes and itching. Super Absorbent gel lock technology prevents leakage. Super Bubble Technology evenly distributes liquid to prevent lumps. Wetness Indicator lets you know when it’s time for a diaper change. All night protection with 2x absorption.

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Use Instruction

1. SUPER ABSORBENT: Super cute diapers have ultra-absorbent core and leak lock technology which prevents leakage for up to 10 hours and ensures maximum dryness. 2. SOFT-FEEL: The super-soft top sheet is made with breathable material, which gives your baby's delicate skin a feather-like touch. It prevents your baby from diaper rash and irritation. 3. BUBBLE TECHNOLOGY: The bubble technology in diapers reduces the heaviness by spreading the liquid and not forming lumps. 4. WETNESS INDICATOR: Get away from the constant worry of your baby's diaper change because the wetness indicator makes it easier to know when it's time to change. 5. PERFECT FIT: Our stretchable diapers come in easy-to-pull up and remove pant style that gives it a perfect fit. 6. SKIN-FRIENDLY: Give your super cute baby's skin an ultimately comfortable experience with the diapers, which are free from chlorine bleaching, perfumes, lotions, parabens, and phthalates.

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Super Cute's Wonder Pullups Diaper Pants (XL) - Pack of 26 (Combo of 2) - 52 Diapers
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