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Paree Prima Reusable Full Body Razor – Pack of 1

  • Women’s reusable razors with 4 blades made with superior Japanese Nano Coating Advanced Technology (NCAT).
  • Suitable for: This razor is designed to safely shave tricky underarm & bikini area skin to more stretched one of legs and arms.
  • Coconut oil-enriched double lube strips for smooth and soft skin.
  • Curve-hugging pivoting head that adjusts well to the body’s contours.
  • Its head is flexible, which contours every corner of the body effortlessly to give a close shave.
  • Removes hair without the pain and no strong chemicals.



Paree Prima Full Body Razor with 4 blades has been designed with innovative Japanese technology for an easy glide. This ultra-thin razor with double titanium-coated blades has lube strips enriched with coconut oil for smooth skin. Its curve-hugging pivotal head adjusts to the contours of your legs, underarms and bikini area, while its long cushion-grip handle provides enhanced comfort and control.

Usage Instruction

1. Wet the skin.
2. Glide Paree Prima Full Body Razor against the hair growth.
3. Wash your skin and pat dry
4. After use, apply moisturiser or anti-chafing cream.
CAUTION: Rinse thoroughly after use, air dry and store with the protection cover in a dry place. Avoid wiping the blade with bare hands as it may cause cuts. Keep away from children.

Manufacturer Address

Kai Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd., SP 87, New Industrial Complex, Majrakath, Japanese Majrakath, Neemrana, Alwar, India 301705




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Paree Prima Reusable Full Body Razor - Pack of 1
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