Soothe Healthcare in Sakal Times

Soothe Healthcare in Sakal Times

“Lack of info on menstruation worrying”, says Yusuf Kabir of UNICEF

Survey conducted by UNICEF in State in 2011 showed 87 percent girls not aware of menstruation.

Pune, May 27: Lack of awareness of menstruation and accessibility to sanitary napkins among girls in the state is a major concern, a senior United Nations official said here, on Tuesday.

[…] [Yusuf] Kabir was speaking at a conference organised by Soothe Healthcare on the eve of Menstrual Hygiene Day which is on May 28.

“In rural areas, lack of awareness and availability of sanitary napkins lead to the use of cloth during menstruation, which is very unhygienic and risky,” Kabir said.

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