Soothe Healthcare reaches out to tribal women in Andhra Pradesh for awareness for quality healthcare.

In Vizag and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, we held Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management (MHM) sessions for around 65 young girls and women. Most of them belonged to tribal communities. The women admitted they used cloth during their periods. They had no idea how unhygienic the practice was or that it could lead to numerous health issues. The women had many doubts and questions on MHM which the doctor on the panel patiently addressed.

They were also educated about other aspects like nutrition, family planning, pre­natal and post­ natal care and more. HLFPPT, our partner in National Women’s Health Week 2014 (May 11-17) helped organise the awareness sessions to reach out to these girls and women who lack access to quality healthcare and to information that can prevent the onset of health issues.

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