Soothe Healthcare partners with HLFPPT

Soothe Healthcare partnered HLFPPT, a trust promoted by HLL LIfecare Limited (A Govt. of India Enterprise) in observing National Women’s Health Week from May 11 to 17 across seven states in India.

“People say girls stop growing in height once they begin menstruating. So, does this mean my height can’t increase any more?”, a young girl asked the doctor.

On 13th May, a Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management session was conducted for adolescent girls and anganwadi workers in Harizan Basti, Kondli district, New Delhi. This young girl was one among the many 11-18 year olds who attended the session.

The girls were very attentive, eager to learn and had plenty to share about their own experiences. The interactive session had the girls listening to information and advise on the importance of menstrual hygiene, proper nutrition and diet, the physiological & emotional aspects of menstruation among others.

When the session covered the subject of tackling discrimination between boys and girls w.r.t. nutrition and health, the girls seemed enthused. There were over 80 participants attending the session.

At the conclusion of the session, Paree sanitary pads (by Soothe Healthcare) and Paree Menstrual Hygiene Management Education Guides were also distributed to the participants.

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