Soothe Healthcare conducted an awareness session for 22 ASHA workers in Pune

Soothe Healthcare conducted its first awareness session in Pune on Menstrual Health & Hygiene Management in association with Janaseva Foundation.

The women participants were students and employees of Janaseva Foundation and Nursing Home. Despite having a nursing background, most students were using cloth instead of sanitary pads. They were unaware of the health implications of poor menstrual hygiene.

The sessions were an eye-opener for the young girls and this was amply supported by their reactions to it. One of the student nurses even asked to take home an extra copy of the Paree Menstruation Education Guide for her family. She simply said, “My mother is an ASHA worker who brings home all sorts of material on healthcare. But she never allows us to read it. Now I want to show this to her and tell her how important it is for us to know of these things.”

Mrs. Ruchira Kondaskar, Community Programs Associate at Soothe Healthcare, educated and counselled around 40 women and girls in this session in Pune.

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